Now What?

Well, now what? That is the question on my mind and many others disappointed in the election. As I type this the results are not official, but it is essentially over. As I work through my disappointment and honestly, fear, I’ve been forced to try to look at this from a different perspective.

Donald Trump has certainly not been a perfect president, nor is he a perfect man. None of us are. As I look back over his presidency, I selfishly look at the good things that happened for me during his time in office.

We’ve had relative peace in our national relations, no major terrorist attacks or large loss of life. Financially, things have been better for us in these last four years than anytime I can remember. My retirement savings have essentially quadrupled in the last four years. The fear of not having Trump as our president makes me want to believe all of these things will reverse, especially our retirement, since we are getting close.

My mind wants to be angry. All of my hard work and savings will be leeched by this democratic government and there will be little left for us to retire with and essentially nothing to leave to our kids. Selfish thoughts? Kinda feels like it.

So as I’m pondering all of this, I feel God is wanting me to see something different. What if God placed Donald Trump in this position for a “season”, to accomplish some things that no one else could?

This semester in our life group we have been studying end time events and if you’re a believer in the Bible, you can see prophecy playing out in front of your eyes. In 1948, Israel became a “nation in one day”, just like the prophet Isaiah prophesied. In 1967, control of Jerusalem was taken back by Israel and it became the capital city of the nation once again. These two events started the ball rolling for the end of this age and the return of Jesus.

America has been for the most part a pro-Israeli country. This is perhaps, in my opinion, the main reason our country has been so richly blessed. However, our country and the world is showing growing signs of anti semitism, which is very concerning.

God places in authority those He wants in place for specific times and seasons. In 1948 our president was Harry Truman. He had been Roosevelt’s Vice President and took over the office when FDR died. His presidency was riddled with controversy but he was the man God wanted in place in 1948. He became the first world leader to recognize Israel as a nation, over the objections of many of his staff.

Fast forward to Donald Trump. He is the first president to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and actually move the US embassy there. Many of our past presidents, republican and democrat, have had the opportunity to do this, and many promised to, including both Bushs’, Clinton and Obama, but none of them did. Trump was the only one who had the guts, and the backing of God, to do it. As trivial as this move may sound, it has huge prophetic implications. Trump has also brokered peace deals for Israel with, UAE, Bahrain and the Sudan, with others hoping to join shortly.

These deals also have prophetic implications, because there will soon be the war of “Gog and Magog”, in which these very nations listed will stand up in verbal support of Israel. Read Ezekiel 38-39 for more details.

These are the two biggest prophetic events that I know Trump was directly involved in. There may be more, but these two are huge. So as I am evaluating my heart relating to this election and the possible consequences that will follow, God has quickened my spirit to try and reflect on what His plan and His will are. If I truly believe in Him, won’t He take care of me through His plan?

I encourage you to take a step back and look at this through His eyes, and not just your own. Maybe He will enlighten you on His will for us and this nation. No matter who the president is, Jesus is still King.

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  1. Omgosh, Charlie. You have written the very things I have said and thought for at least three years now and especially with the latest peace agreements. God chose Nixion if not for one thing but to answer the phone of Golda Meir. Our opposition may take over the Whitehouse but GOD is still The King.

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