Why am I back?

A few years ago I felt led to develop this site and share some insights into my life and my thoughts. I know, pretty scary. Some of you may remember this, most will probably not. I was able to use this site to put forth some ideas, share personal stories and had an avenue for God to work through me. It must have been working because about 4 years ago I fell under an attack from satan that caused a lot of heartache for me and my family. I’ll get more into that in the weeks and months ahead. I’ve just recently felt led to start this again and see what God wants to do. Unfortunately I was unable to retrieve any posts from the previous site, but I guess that’s ok because this is representing a fresh new start. Last time this was just a site for my thoughts and ideas but I want Kellye to be able to share also. So from time to time she will likely post something interesting, and most certainly speak from her point of view what happened to us over the past 4 years. So stay tuned and let’s see what happens!

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